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31 Dec 2014

Your corporate had sales representatives selling a product that was falsely advertised... The representive claimed you would not have to wash your car for 30 days... Or that it would wax for 30 days as well... BULL CRAP... Is your company standing behind this product!!!! I want my darn money back!!!

11 Jun 2015

devil's advocate comp

David Ball
28 Oct 2015

Two weeks ago I pulled in at the 76 station in welches on Mt hood and asked the attendant for 20 dollars regular gas, he told me he would sell premium for the same price as regular. So I told him yes. Two days later my truck stated running ruff and asked my mechanic to look at my truck. He told me there is water in the gas. Consequently the gas tank has to be pumped out and filter has to be changed at a cost of 300.00 dollars

James McGhee, Jr.
03 Nov 2015

On Saturday afternoon, October 3lst around 3:30 pm I pulled into a station located at South Western Avenue and Exposition Blvd. in Los Angeles. My pump was not working despite what the attendant stated by showing me the inside receipts from his computer. I did not received any gas for my $9.00 and the attendant (Cashier) was rude and arrogrant in getting the pump (#8 working ) so I could receive the amount of gas I had paid for. I have not been back to that station which is near to my home because I was so violated and it hurted my spirits. I went to another station because I was so upset. This needs to be investigated for the service we are use to by Union 76.

Ron McDonadl
13 Feb 2016

Union 76 Station: Route 431 & Thomas Rd., Reno, NV.

I don't understand why Union 76 wants their name and logo on this station. IT IS PIECE OF CRAP. Several of the pumps don't work, the credit machines RARELY, RARELY work (doesn't matter what pump you use), the receipt printers NEVER work. These observations aren't for one or two observations--they are for two years! What the hell is wrong with Union 76 corporate? Is this your best face? I have asked the clerks inside, where I have to go to get a receipt or use my cc, and the clerks all complain. They say they tell Union 76 (Golden Gate) about the problems and complaints but it never improves. I have had it, it is to difficult to use this CRAPPY UNION 76 STATION. Their are plenty of stations near by that care enough about their customers to make sure: 1. All pumps function 2. All credit card machines work AT THE PUMPS 3. All the receipt machines work.
In other words, your competitors have class --YOU DONT

Charles Brooks
30 Nov 2016

I haven't received a bill from you since June of this year,and now you tell me I am months behind!! I just now realized that I haven't received a bill since then,and will NOT pay any LATE FEES from that time on! You have my address,so why did you stop sending statements? I will pay the MIN. DUE at that time from June on without Late Fees! C. Brooks 951 New Holland Ave. Lancaster,Pa. 17601

09 Aug 2017

always stop at your 76 gas station in Paso Robles Ca 2400 Golden Hill Rd. On 8/6/2017 about 2-4 p.m.
you have two attendants that were very rude to your customers. first of all for being such a noticeable gas station your workers should have better dress attire and represent your company in a more fashionable dress code. they should not be allowed to wear baseball caps backwards have ear-piercing in their ear larger then usual. this gas station women's restroom has two stalls only one was working and for the past month I have stop here at least 10 to15 times to use the restroom and make purchases. your attendant rudely requested that the door needed to stay closed while there was a line of at least 7 women behind me. on the third time that he claims it needed to stay shut because there is a kitchen not more then 10 feet away for sanitary reasons well first of all the kitchen shouldn't be that close to both men and women restroom and second there were no food being prep cause the kitchen was closed. I thought he was saying to keep the door close because there is a little room opposite of the restrooms I thought he needed to get by and the door was in his way. on the third time he came up rudely said the door needed to remain close so I closed it as he was walking away he was shaking his head. when I went up to the register I spoke to a lady with long blond hair if I could speak to a manager and he rudely started arguing with me in front of your customers all I was asking for was a managers name and phone number and then your second attendant young girl yelling telling me to leave and they refuse service and I am like wow really I already paid. instead of keeping this issue clam they added to the fire by disrespecting the rest of your customers making the issue bigger then what it was. you are losing a long time customer.

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