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01 Oct 2012

There is a company called VIP Binary that uses an 855 497-7277 area code and claimed they are located in Wall Street in New York. I believe this company is scamming people out of their money claiming they are here in New York. This needs to be investigated. They took my money to trade in binary options and now I want to withdraw funds which I gained in the options, they keep promising they will send the funds back to my credit card for over 25 days now, but they have not done so. Stay away from this company. They are scammers

08 Feb 2014

Can you tell me the area covered by this area code? The bank gave me this number to pursue on an unknown charge since they cannot get an answer---neither can we---it always says they are busy.

14 May 2014

I've gotten calls from some guy with a heavy middle east accent claiming to work for some bank in New York. I hnag up!! Also watch out for the same guys claiming to be from Dell or some other computer company, wanting to help "fix a problem" with your computer. All you have to do is "sign on ", then they'll "fix" the problem. Again I just hangup or don't answer. You can block the number with the *77 feature if you have the service. Where's the FTC,FCC, when you need them. I had $255.00 taken from my bank account by Venterra Realty in Richmond Hills, Ont. Canada 2 Christmas's ago. I called the FBI twice. The second "agent" I spoke with laughed and said "have your bank take care of it". These scammers must be stopped!!

17 Jun 2014

I have a male caller that calls from 855 area code, saying I need to obtain a lawyer if the call is not returned. Don't know why he's calling.

Bob Y
09 Jul 2014

One of my favorites is the "IRS calls" threatening legal action. I told them I'd turn myself in if they'd meet me at the AG's office and explain their business practices. They got huffy, hung up, and I don't expect to hear from them again. These morons don 't even know how to run a good scam: why would my local sheriff be the person to enforce an IRS penalty? They seem to be preying on the elderly; I guess they're easier to spook.

10 Jul 2014

Got a letter in the mail passing as "Fly with any US Airline and free accommodation in any Marriott resorts/hotels. Sounded too good to be true so I looked up the #. sure enough, it's a scam.
There is no such thing as free!

10 Jul 2014

Said he was looking for some guy that his payment didn't go threw I told him to loose this number ext is 401 they are using 2 different numbers cut these guys off they are not lawyers he looked up my number and saw my name I told him no this is not my name

31 Jul 2014

I have been getting a call and when I answer, there is a recording that thanks ME for calling and please stay on the line ( I have won something) for the next available agent. Of course, I hang up. I have gotten the other scam calls about my IP address sending messages to them and they need to help me fix the problem, blah, blah, CLICK.

13 Aug 2014

thanks for letting us know about this scam. i got a call from 8552966697 claiming there is a lawsuit and we need to call back. i looked up the number and came across this website.

30 Aug 2014

Heard about a Chase Bank Scam decided to check my bank account and where the company name is (AT&T; Walmart; CVS) was these number and letters
$49.98 was Charged to my card
Upon calling my bank they said the transaction was on a date and time I was on a conference call.
The bank told me to call the number (855-778-8656)
After waiting on hold for 10mins a man answered I told him I had a charge on my credit card and would like to know what the name Of the company was
He told me they were an internet service provider
Then he asked for my zip code and amount charged.
I told him I wanted to know more about the company
He asked my name and zip code
I told him I believed the charge the charges are fraudulent.
He hung up on me
2nd attempt after 15 mins on hold "Edison" greeted me
I asked him the name of the company
Weight loss and beauty supplies
I asked if I could talk to a supervisor because I believe I have been wrongfully charged.
After a long pause and some studering he put me on hold which eventually hung up on me.
3rd attempt 15-20 min wait... "Jacob" greeted me.
I asked the name as of the company
He said Glycemic X weight loss pills
I said I have a few questions
He asked for my zip code
I asked him what giving him my zip code would accomplish?
Then I asked him where he got my credit card information?
He said when I ordered my diet pills
I told him I don't take diet pills, or vitamins, or purchase anything over the internet unless I know it is legit.
I then told him I had been in contact with my bank and am in the process of pressing charges
He hung up...

This charge showed up on Sunday 8/24/14
On Monday 8/25/2014 this item disappeared from my pending transactions and from my entire account.
Then on Tuesday 8/26/2014 it had processed as a debit card

The bank thought I, ME was the one trying to pull a fast one because it was a debit card transaction (as in the charge that you need to enter your pin) check you bank statements.
I don't know how they got my information I do not shop online often, when I do it's only on "secured" sites.

03 Sep 2014

Received a recording saying they were from the Fraud Department at Barclay Card (855) 608-8509. Thought I had a Barclay credit card many years ago which wasn't cancelled by my prior employer. It asked me to enter my account number of social security number. Unfortunately, I entered my social number...what a mistake!

Mister Fixit
15 Sep 2014

This website appears to be a scam itself, what with all the misspellings and bad use of the English language... Such as: "This page teach you all you need to know..." and "And please tell us about if you read more articles." Who does your proofreading?

25 Sep 2014

I got a call today from 855-967-8587. They claimed I had defrauded and store front payday advance center in 2012. This person had my SSN and some names of family members but when I started pressing the caller on some hard question the line went the dead. They have yet to call me back. :-))

12 May 2015

I hate these people, they call me 4 times a day, and I never pick up because they try to take my money. Stop it not please or I will sue you.

shan p
12 Jul 2015

My mom got a call from this number saying that they have documents for me. any idea who this is? I will not call them back

11 Sep 2015

Last night my PC locked up with some official looking messages about my being infected with a Trojan virus and I should call 1-855-482-8584 immediately! There was even a voice message. I dialed the number but did not get a prompt answer, so I hung up. Probably my best move. I was locked into the thing, so I went to Shut Down successfully. The more I thought about it, the more I suspected a scam of some sort. I powered up and ran my usual junk cleaner and registry check. Both were uneventful. I ran a Kaspersky quick scan which scanned just under 7,000 items and found nothing. Kaspersky hasn't let me down in many years of use. That is what had left me bewildered about the problem. Tonight I remembered about certain area code scams and found your sight. Hope you are legit. Be well, jb

02 Oct 2015

855-203-1961 is a scam. They claim to be calling regarding a court summons and threatens to call your HR department to have you detained. Lol! It's probably a bill collector from 10 years ago trying to collect on an old debt.

24 Mar 2016

If I call this number 855-684-1616; will I incur additional charges on my phone bill?