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09 Feb 2015

I am a current employee at Kmart. I am a cashier, but would like to move to softlines. How do I do this? HELP!!!!!!!

20 Feb 2015

Talk to the softlines manager about switching positions and if you get the ok then you'll have to apply online

Edward Barrera
30 Mar 2015

I'm an employee at Sears and I've been given the okay about moving to the Merchandise and Pricing Lead Position but when I applied I was prompted to continue the process through 88sears.com internal careers portal. Problem is that I didn't see that anywhere in the 88sears site. I asked my ASM and he said it could possible be the "Careers Website" option under the "Resources and Contacts" tab.

Sherrill Wesley
03 Apr 2015

I am an employee at the Kmart located in Dublin Ga. I would like to apply for the job in Peachtree City in Atlanta I would like to relocate there.

nancy willis
21 Apr 2015

i can't find my asessment test

Bruce Kraft
07 May 2015

I am currently employed at K Mart in Cromwell, CT. Unfortunately they do not have any part time hours in my store. I visited the Sears, Meriden store and was told they had open positions in Electronics. How would I go about transferring to this store.

26 Jun 2015

I am a current sears employee but i had moved and was told to make a transfer through 88 sears how do i do that

anthony parente
13 Jul 2015

Same problem as Edward Barrera. applying for merchandise and pricing lead in shoes. Where I have worked for the past five years. Can not get pasted,internal career portal.

17 Nov 2015

I am an employee at Sears.I would like to be tranfered to Lands End. Do I have to apply again like a new employee?

liz mcclurg
18 Nov 2015

I am working at Sears Outlet and would like to transfer to the Kmart up the street, but can't get past the portal-access denied. Please advise

05 Jan 2016

I wk softlines an truck crew
I wana work at the distribution center.how do i go about it

11 Jan 2016

I'm trying to apply for a position. I already work for sears. I need to talk with someone who do I call?

25 Mar 2016

I work for Kmart. 4/30 will be 6 months I have been with the company. I am relocating on 4/7. I found out I can not transfer because I am 25 days shy of 6 months. So I need to reapply. Because I am still with the company it says I need to use the internal career portal. How do I do this? I am having a hard time doing this at home.. Please help..

Greg mather
21 Apr 2016

Iam trying to do a internal application. It isn't working. Can I get some assistance?

26 Aug 2016

if you are qualified for a position and meet the criteria, does it have to be internal hire before outside hire? thank you.