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Richard Arnold
04 Mar 2014

I live In Mabletonm Georgia 30126
I need and location to check your car out and get one, email me,
Thk Richard

Sandra Quattlebaum
08 Jul 2014

Hello, I'm looking to purchase a car and don't have a license and would like to know whether the purchase can be made with insurance as long as I have a designated driver.

10 Aug 2014

Mt question is if you have a car that you have a loan on already but you only have like 6 or 7 thousand on it, and I want to get rid of it for something else, do you cover the rest of the loan or do I?

10 Aug 2014

Looking to buy new used dear ASAP. Waiting your reply. Thanks.

Ulanda D. Dicks
12 Aug 2014

I leave in D.C. 20011
I need your locations in Maryland or D.C.
I would like to check out some of your cars.

Olla Perry
02 Sep 2014

I have called Cazzy 88 auto @ the phone number given
on TV no one has ever called me back my e-mail is
my location is in the Ellenwood Ga,30294
30294 why is it that no one has returned my calls

terri yelton
15 Sep 2014

I live in Paola, Ks. I need a location close to me please e-mail me. Thank you

30 Sep 2014

Where are the crazy 88 auto locations

franklin moragane
10 Oct 2014

with is your addris

pamela glass
17 Oct 2014

were are you located and what are the processer in getting a car

krzysztof obrzut
15 Feb 2015

Whether is the location

17 May 2015

I need to get a car so I can get to and from work

john almon
18 May 2015

Looking for a nice car or truck,500.00 down bad credit,no credit deal

Kevin Montgomery
26 May 2015

My Zip code is 34689 is there a dealer nearby?

hi, my name is Anthony Johnson
25 Jul 2015

I would to see if you have any location in capital heights md

27 Apr 2016

I am interested in buying a truck. I must say this web site is all but useless in telling me where to go or a number to call.I would like that information please
23 Jun 2016


Kimberly Pakcyk
06 Aug 2016

I want to talk to a real person face to face without video.

Robert Cain
08 Oct 2016

Where are the locations I can visit in Delaware?