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Charlotte Parish
17 Mar 2015

Can not sigh in to my patient portal.

robert e ruffin
10 Apr 2015

I would like to sign in

Sandra Bowers
13 Apr 2015

just trying to log in

Sandra Bowers
13 Apr 2015

Just tryining to log into site

clarence jennings
09 Sep 2015

cannot log in.. what is user name? email address, etc?

deborah arnold
08 Dec 2015

Please make it easier to login in . too much wording from site. quick log in should be acceptable.

11 Jan 2016

can't get into blule portal

jacqueline collier
09 Feb 2016

I would like to login

jacqueline collier
09 Feb 2016

i would like to login patience portal

mary mcspaddin
13 Feb 2016

results from labs done by rheumatologist and cardiology

mary mcspaddin
13 Feb 2016

tried to log-in to patient portal but was unable to do so

melvia williams
25 Feb 2016


Cynthia Garner
01 Apr 2016

I am trying to register to use the Emory Healthcare Patient Portal, as a new patient of Dr. Holly Clemons. I have an upcoming appointment on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, at the Stockbridge office. I also need the correct address for the Stockbridge office, since two addresses are listed. Please advise. Thank you for your time and consideration concerning these issues.

Charlotte Wardlaw
05 Apr 2016

I've been trying to log in for two weeks, when will the problems with this website be repaired?

20 Apr 2016

This does appear to be a "log-in"
site, so why name it as such?

colleen robinette
27 Apr 2016

Speak to radiology preregister please

Clifford Lutton
28 Apr 2016

I am a patient of Dr. Chad Ritenour with whom I want urgently to communicate via Portal. Please advise.

mary mcspaddin
29 Apr 2016

I am unable to access my mail from portal acct. due to virus in computer. How can I get new information if unable to access it on gmail?

Betty A. Smith
09 May 2016

How do I sign in to my account?

Betty A. Smith
09 May 2016

How to sign in to my patient portal

Cleveland Dunn Jr.
02 Jun 2016

portal needs to bee faster

Olive Lowry
01 Sep 2016

This is the worst interface I have ever tried to use. It is the most patient UNFRIENDLY, confusing, garbled and impossible to navigate. I don't have any trouble with other web sites.

Shirley Harris
13 Oct 2016

Unable to login to patient portal

Shirley Harris
13 Oct 2016

I am unable to login to patient portal

john caruso
29 Oct 2016

What happened to the patient portal login. I never had problems logging in to it but now all I get is a bunch of nonsense and I cannot get into it

09 Jan 2017

I will leave comment for Dr. Clements once I get into Portal edgar paul

Linda Paul
14 Jan 2017

How do I set up my patient portal?

Beverly Nero
16 Jan 2017

I can no longer login to Emory Patient Portal. What happened?

Beverly Nero

Michael Kutner
01 Feb 2017

I cannot log in to the blue portal

mary ann mills
01 Mar 2017

I can't get in to my portal forgot pass word also I have a new email I use I don't use the anymore I would like to get in to my portal with my new email n password can u tell me how please

mary ann mills
01 Mar 2017

Have new email n password how to change so I can get to my portal?

umi surati
22 Mar 2017

I cannot log in Emory patient portal

29 Mar 2017

need access to my portal, unable to log in.

Clover Wright
20 Apr 2017

Need to log in....unable to

jack williams
22 Apr 2017

Unable to access patient portal.

Irma Nimitz
27 Apr 2017

I cannot log into my blue portal account. Tried to change password but will not accept my answer to security question although I know I'm giving the correct answer.

Michael Blonder
01 Jun 2017

unable to log in to review my appointements

Charlotte Parish
26 Jul 2017

can not access Charlotte's patient Portal

Patricia Wells
02 Aug 2017

how do I sign in to my patient portal?

Micheline Schoppenhorst
30 Dec 2017

I would like to see my lab report

Annie miller
25 May 2018

would like to know what time my appointment in July

gail cheek
04 Jul 2018

I can't get into the portal.

gail cheek
04 Jul 2018

I can't log in.

Alethea Reese
01 Aug 2018

I need to speak with Dr. Leisa Stillman in renfernce to my sinus problem please

Jarrell Estes
07 Sep 2018

Trying to find login page to see blood results but cont find blue portal log in give up

Stuart Robinson
22 Oct 2018

want to access my portal

Abilene Russell
31 Dec 2018

Need to refill prescription, can't sign in to my patient portal

Catherine Ferrell
16 Feb 2019

I can't seem to log in my portal

Rita Hamilton
28 Apr 2019

Want to log in.

Kathleen Scalia
15 Jul 2019

Want to get into portal

carolyn sikes
31 Jul 2019

I cannot log in to my patient portal

Dorothy E Wise
12 Aug 2019


Dorothy E WISE
12 Aug 2019


Dorothy E WISE
12 Aug 2019


Rachel Gibson
29 Aug 2019

having trouble signing in to my portal

Gary Miller
27 Sep 2019

I would liketo find out if Dr. Baddour has recieved my PET scan from The V>A> Hospital yet.

howard r thompson
12 Feb 2020

I am trying to open mind and my wife medical history. also I need to create accts for both of us.

Melvin Livingston
14 Feb 2020

How to sign in

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