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Ruth Borock
25 May 2013

How can I enroll in the digital edition of the Inquier? I have been tryig to do so, but without success. Your help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Lloyd Levin
25 Jun 2013

I want to link to my home delivery account

Joseph p. Maher
30 Jun 2013

"free book"

Judith C. Barber
10 Sep 2013

I cannot get the paper on line and did follow instructions.

Judith Barber
11 Sep 2013

I have tried several times to get the paper on the Internet but cannot do it. Can you please help me out?
Thank you, Judith Barber

Atileo DiDonato
14 Sep 2013

Can I reduce delivery to 3 days only.?

Howard C BEcker
02 Dec 2013

Sounds good

Mike McFadden
13 Jan 2014

Who could I talk to about getting the newspaper thrown onto my front porch, my father is 83 and has had a double hip replacment and it would make it much easier and safer on him, thank You

Owen P Higgins Jr
13 May 2014

Trying to pay the Bill on line.

Phyllis Marron
17 May 2014

I'm a dumb old gal just trying to update my credit card expiration date for the Sunday edition of the Inquirer. You gave me no information!!

David T. Videon
10 Jun 2014

New credit card information:
VISA - Card No. 4078 7110 1271 7659
Exp date: 7/16
Sec. No. 057

joyce Kleiber
11 Jul 2014

I received a post card in the mail from the Inquirer/Daily News suggesting I go to this site to alter the expiration date on my new Visa card. I feel frustrated and receipt of my weekend Inquirer may be jeopardized..

Eugene Broz
16 Jul 2014

I received a renewal notice to pay acct.#85040360. The bill has sen paid from my Bank and I am questioning if the check from Citizens bank has been received?

Sue Anne Kimmel
05 Aug 2014

I received a statement for $122.20. When does the "pay your bill on line" begin?

14 Aug 2014

Your website will not accept my information. I tried three different sites without success.

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