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floyd h ray
05 Oct 2013

have never received a vehicle health report.

Susan Szumigalski
19 Oct 2013

more info

Terry Walstra
25 Oct 2013

I'm trying to register MY FORD SYNC but it willnot accsept my password I'M tired of this stuff!!!! I just want to do this without all this CRAP!!!!!!

kenneth cooper
09 Nov 2013

let me know how to regester on syncmyride.com I tried and was bounced around please be specific

kenneth cooper
09 Nov 2013

i did please give me telephone number

George Archie
17 Nov 2013

cannot get a sync health report

karen bruner
23 Jan 2014

can I enter my home address, favorties and local news for my area via the computer so its already in the sync system?

Steven Hollar
28 Apr 2014

would like to be able to log in for my insurance

22 Jun 2014


June Lindimore
02 Jul 2014

Am I registered as the owner of a used 2012 Ford Fusion? Mileage when purchased 27,000.

Marilyn W. Tedder
28 Aug 2014

Trying to register my edge and get back that the vin number is not for a ford. What gives?

Sandra Mercado
30 Mar 2015


Natanael and Ilona Cortes
30 Mar 2015

Love the car

William Erwin
14 Apr 2015

Is there a GPS system in the Ford Escape?

anthony j kupris
19 Apr 2016

cannot register on syncmycar. Help

Betty Showler
29 Apr 2016

would like to register navigation with sync How do I do that