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08 Aug 2014

it sucks

Gary DeGayner
15 Jan 2016

I have called several times and gone to your site on the web with no success in porting my old phone to the phone I purchased from textnow. The number I was assigned by TextNow is 386-444-2501 I am attempting to port my ATT cell phone number into the TextNow phone that I purchased from you the number I want ported is: 386-689-9898. I have been told many times that this has been ported, but have to evidence that this has been done. We must cancel our old service because we can not be paying TextNow and ATT. We are very upset and stressed with TextNow at this time. We hope this can be solved ASAP

Marie DeGayner
19 Jan 2016

Is there a way to put all my contacts from my previous phone into my TextNow phone? Or does it have to be done individually?

Marie DeGayner
19 Jan 2016

Can I change the phone number I was assigned by TextNow to a number of my choice? I have been getting calls from library in New York and many more calls with the number I was given. It is very iratating.