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robertson noelene
08 Oct 2013

how do I enter the win a cruise have tried each day .can not get in regards noelene

Anne Richmond
17 Nov 2013

Dan Carter golden boots answer is debut at Hamilton all blacks v wales

cathy fenemor 21a tararua tcecloverlea palmerston north 06 354 5708
17 Dec 2013

the big trolleys full of food would really help me
thanks everyone. Toni rawden and co

Alison Pahiri
17 Dec 2013

Countdown to christmas

lasse villumsen
17 Dec 2013

Countdown to christmas

cathy fenemor21a tararua tce cloverlea palmerston north 06 354 5708 breakfast @tvnz.co.nz countdown to christmas
18 Dec 2013

I am going to miss toni rawden Nadine

Rose Rowe
19 Dec 2013

How do I enter countdown to christmas . AsI can not bring it up on this computer

20 Mar 2014

I feel frustrated with not finding where to go to enter the Justin Timberlake competition
Had the answers but nowhere to put them - here they are anyway

rose whyte
29 Apr 2014

trying to enter for gas outdoor table competition?

annette whitmore
12 May 2014

Where can I find the entry form for boys/girls trip to the Sunshine Coast?

carolyn hale
04 Aug 2015

Have been trying to enter the Elton John competition but cannot find where to enter, have tried the email address given all day