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angelica bastidas vasquez
27 Mar 2014

Solicito información para tramitar vida como visitante temporal.
To Thanks

chinnaiah koneshwaran
09 Jun 2014

UK visa application

10 Nov 2014

Por favor como obtengo el formulario

04 Jan 2015

Please, can you help me what is the documents needed so that I can apply a UK visa because my cousin want to sponsor me a tourist visa.

Thank you!

24 Feb 2015

Please, can you kindly send me documents needed to apply for a uk visa. For a visit

roli ogbe
14 Mar 2015

error message not able to pay my fee,i need to make payment today 14-03-2015 ,but it saying contact merchant

roli ogbe
14 Mar 2015

not able to pay my fee saying I should contact merchant

20 Mar 2015


23 Mar 2015


13 Apr 2015

I couldn't access the visa application form on line and I want to if am to equally apply for visa for my one year and four months baby that I will be traveling with.

08 May 2015

UK visa application form

Odete Matos
12 May 2015

UK visa aplication

17 May 2015

how to communicate appointment date

17 May 2015

Please tell me how to fix appointment date of 28 May 2015

Tania rahman
01 Jun 2015

i wanna aply for spouse plz let me know the procedures n web side where i can apply for that.